About Us


Dr. Bernd Wrede,  

Owner & Founder

In addition to his teaching activities at German universities, Dr. Wrede worked for thirteen years on behalf of the German Federal Office of Administration in Russia, Ukraine, the Balkans and the Caucasuses. The extensive networks he developed during that time provide the foundation for Dr. Wrede & Partners. His consulting focus is in technology and IT.

Heather Steele, Advisor & Networker,

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Heather Steele is a University of Chicago MBA with 25 years of strategic and marketing experience. She started her career at Ford and then moved to Toyota, working in new product development, and ran a $200 million product line at Kinko’s (Federal Express).

In the early 2000’s, she switched her focus to consulting for the non-profit sector and raised millions of dollars for charitable organizations, including one she founded, developing and running large projects assisting law enforcement hunt child sex predators.

She speaks German and French as well as English, and has lived in Germany since 2019, where she teaches at universities in northern Germany and writes.

Elena A. Wrede, Managing Partner, Consultant,

Master of Social Management (MSM)

Elena Wrede was born in Siberia to a Latvian family. In the 1990s she moved to Germany. Since successfully completing her master's degree, she has worked as a personnel consultant, particularly in the field of migration and career consulting.

Natascha V. Wrede, Managing Partner, Consultant,

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Natascha Wrede began her career in the finance department of a large logistics group. She then headed this department for three years. In 2016, she switched to Dr. Wrede & Partners. In 2022, she became managing partner. Her consulting focus is on accounting, financial planning and controlling.